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In the path and evolution of Traditional Uechi Ryu Karate Do.

WUKKO World Uechi Ryu Karate Do & Kobudo Organization was founded in 2009 as the final outcome of what began in 1979, at which time Gondra Sensei began teaching as a Professional.
This organization was born when Shihan Gustavo Gondra sets at Gushi Sensei orders, 10 * Dan, President and Creator of Ryukokaku Karate Do & Kobudo Association. Under supervision of Gushi Sensei, Shihan Gondra creates WUKKO distinctive symbol for the organization, whose style is Uechi Ryu.

Upon graduation from 9 * Dan, Sensei Gondra is offered to be global head of his own Style Line, for which it must seek Kai (Reunion) or Kan (House) to substantiate the name of the line, thus leaving “Hachi-O-Kai” which means “The great meeting of the eight” referring to the eight kata of Uechi Ryu Karate Do, therefore WUKKO within the guideline is “Uechi Ryu Hachi-O-Kai “, whose name Kai was chosen in honor of Gosei Takemasa Kancho Okuyama 9 * Dan and World President Hachi-O-Kai World Budo Federation and the International Karate Association Canada, who gave support permanently and organizations that Gondra is affiliated since 1997.

On Friday June 7, 2013, an International Congress of Teachers from different countries and styles of the world, granted 9 * Dan in Karate Do Sensei Gustavo Gondra of Argentina, becoming the absolute leader in the line of Uechi Ryu now directs you learned since 1971. This graduation Gondra gets it, as many Masters in Okinawa, on the recommendation, since for these degrees does not give test. All these teachers are 10 * Dan of its lines in Japan, Okinawa, Canada, United States, Israel and Argentina: Sensei Nakamoto Masahiro (Kobudo) from Okinawa, Sensei Tetsuhiro Hokama (Goju Ryu) from Okinawa, Katsumi Okubo (Seishin Ryu) from Japón, Cesar Borkouski (Goju Ryu) from Canadá, Gerardo Cantore (Isshin Ryu) from Argentina, Barry Moyer (Shorin Ryu) from United States of America, LIIF Hermasson (Karate Jutsu / Okinawa Kobudo) from Sweden, Watanabe Isoharu (Federación Nacional from Taiwan) in Japón and Rony Kluger (Goju Ryu) from Israel.

At the end of 2013 Kancho Okuyama is promoted to 10 * Dan and through the World Budo Federation recognizes Sensei Gondra 9 Dan. Sensei Gondra during 2015 is recognized by the International Karate Masters Association of Japan led by Hanshi 10 * Dan Katsumi Okubo and is recognized to Gondra 9* Dan naming him Director of Uechi Ryu Style at World level inside the organization.

Uechi Ryu to Sensei Gondra is a way of life. In his family all are Karateka, his wife Marta Monroy 6th Degree Black Belt, tested in Okinawa in 2008 (started in 1981), daughter Maria Paz 5th Degree Black Belt Okinawa (started in 1986), son Juan Pablo 4th Degree Black Belt Okinawa (started in 1990) and Nicholas 2nd Degree Black Belt Okinawa (started in 1995).

Sensei Gondra began at the Kumazawa Academy in October of 1971, he was Dan promoted to 1st Degree Black Belt in 1979 and remained as a Teacher at the Institute until 1994 and since then Gondra Sensei has promoted over 300 Uechi Ryu Black Belts in South America, Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Uruguay, Colombia, Venezuela, also in the United States, Canada, France, Spain, Italy, Russia and Germany. He is a member of various organizations in the world and also has the ability and knowledge in different styles of Karate and Kobudo, besides having traveled 25 times to Okinawa to learn from the best Sensei also traveled to different countries.

His constant work and dedication were the reasons for this development was granted in recognition of his career and continuous learning.


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